Crucial stage of the manufacturing process is the analysis, which is made on the RAW MATERIALS, during the MANUFACTURING PROCESS, and on the FINISHED GOODS. Only in this way we're able to guarantee the quality of our products and to prepare a "recipe" for each single customer.







The raw materials are analysed in our laboratory and our equipment take several parameters, such as: ash content, humidity, resistance (IZOT ISO 180). For further analysis we send the materials to CESAP, an international known organism for the control of plastics. The results are filed together a sample of the material. We number the material in lots, for a univocal identification. The production department prepares a recipe matching the customer's requirements and suitable with the material used.







A Schedule of the material is made, reporting the manufactures it has to have and it is placed next to the production machines. Each worker is compelled to fill the schedule reporting the stages of the manufacture he has accomplished, signalling eventual problems occurred. Each worker signs this schedule, and in this way we're able to take under control the production stage and make it identical to the initial directives.

The finished goods have to pass a further control by the analysis of some samples. These samples are saved to be able to obtain always the same quality and for eventual claims by the customer side. We finally provide a technical datasheet and a test note together our goods.